Mixed Flower Arrangement (9), my Pinecone version

CRT01, CRT21,CRT22 & CRT23 Carnation Dianthus Memories, DSY01 & DSY24 White Blue Osteospermum Daisy, DSY03, DSY25 & DSY26 Crazy Shasta Daisy, DSY28, DSY29 & DSY31  Shasta Daisy, ADN01 Adenium double Desert Rose, ADN03 Adenium Picotee, ADN06 A/C Double White and Orange Adenium, ADN07 A/C White and Orange Adenium, ADN09 & ADN10 Adenium Winter Remedy


Flowers are handcrafted from a variety of pinecones using Acrylic paint,


The Leaves are also made from pinecone scales

container included


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