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Information on How to Navigate site and how to See each Individual Item for Sale

For more Specific Help See below Section Choices

Search Choices

Search Choices

Individual Flowers


1. Photos of all the  Individual Flowers Handcrafted  to date

 2. Each Flower is Unique

3.If Sold, a similar Pinecone Flower can be Pre-Ordered

Arrangement of one Variety of Flowers

1. There are a few pre-made Bouquets

2. Pre-Order: Are Made  to order

-You Will need to pick       a Variety of  flower and How many flowers you would like. 

Mixed Bouquet Flowers

 1. Pick from bouquets already available.

-Vases, cups and baskets are optional, would be an extra cost, unless otherwise stated.

2. Made to order bouquet, pick types of flowers from individual list to make your own.


 1. Succulent displays, or Make Your own

2. Photos of all the  Individual Succulents Handcrafted  to date

 3. Each Succulent is Unique

4.If Sold, a similar Succulent can be Pre-Ordered

Navigation Help

Navigation Help

1. Do You wish a Premade Flower Arrangement/Bouquet or a choice of Individual Flowers.

– Each Bouquet/Flower is Identified By the Letters and Numbers at the Front of the Name

2. If a Pre-made Bouquet: will it be of

a. a Mixed Variety of Flowers

You Can Choose the Appropriate Button Above.

-don’t  see what you want, Make up one from the Individual Flower. A quote will be given when ordering

b. Bouquets made of one Variety of Flower Are Limited. to see What’s available, chick the appropriate button Above

 Pre-Order. You Choose Your Own Variety of Flower from  my Individual Flower List or one of your choosing ( must be able to creat from Pinecones, I’ll Try my Best if Possible). A quote will be given when ordering

– Then Choose how many. Touch the Picture and it will show you all the flowers I have in that Variety

NOTE: Each Flower in the Bouquets are shown in the Individual Flowers list.

3. Individual Flowers are Listed by Variety

-Each Flower has an ID Number, Since Each one is Unique There is never more than one. You can preorder more of that variety if you wish. A quote will be given when ordering

-Touch the Picture and it will show you all the flowers I have in that Variety.

Touch a picture of a flower and you will see the specific flower in several pictures along with cost and save to cart option.

If I don’t know their names, they will be in Unknown Variety list.

Difference between

Unknown Variety: I Have seen a Picture, but there is not a name of the Flower.

Artist Creation: Just that, I painted what came to my mind.

Could Really Use Your Help To Name Them or let me Know if I’m Incorrect

-Pictures will Help to find Different Varieties of flowers

-or Try Under the Colour Section in the Individual Flower Section, One Under Rose section  and in Succulents section

4. Succulents You will find a few Succulent Displays when you click The Button Above as well as a group of Succulents from which You can Create Your Own Arrangement



Okanagan Valley

British Columbia, Canada

Warning Signs That Your Travel Expense Management May Be Out Of Control –  ExpensePointWARNING

These are  decorations and are NOT TOYS. DO NOT LEAVE A CHILD Unattended with this Item.

        Warning Choking Hazard Small Parts No For Infant 0-3 Years Forbidden Sign  Stock Vector - Illustration of part, icon: 140950398CHOKING HAZARD

Some Items contain small parts, not for children under the age of three (3), or for any individual who may have a tendancy to put unedible objects in their mouth.