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Blossoming Pinecones

Unique Flowers for


The Flower that is For Everyone

Non  Allergic

Long Lasting




The Perfect gift for Everyone, Especially for People who are Shut Ins (People in Hospitals rest Homes, Group Homes or just those That Cannot Leave their Home)

For Places which do not Allow Real Flowers

Great to Add Colour to Your Home or Workplace.

Will Last much Longer than a week or two.

A “Quick” Rinse under the tap every month will get rid of dust.




Okanagan Valley

British Columbia, Canada


Warning Signs That Your Travel Expense Management May Be Out Of Control –  ExpensePointWARNING

These are  decorations and are NOT TOYS. DO NOT LEAVE A CHILD Unattended with this Item.

        Warning Choking Hazard Small Parts No For Infant 0-3 Years Forbidden Sign  Stock Vector - Illustration of part, icon: 140950398CHOKING HAZARD

Some Items contain small parts, not for children under the age of three (3), or for any individual who may have a tendancy to put unedible objects in their mouth.